literary hoax

Wow. JT Leroy, a literary hoax. I'd read rumors and speculation about whether or not he was real but I had no idea it went this far. Considering the recent James Frey turmoil, I wonder how memoir, supposed memoir will handle being called into question. I know Asia Argento's film version of "The Heart is Decietful Above All Things" is coming out soon. I wonder how this will affect the "reading" of the film. It's being marketed very differently now than when I first heard about it. JT Leroy is now in " " and the tag line reads "Behind the greatest hoax of our time is the heartbreaking story that started it all."

One of the professors at ISU does fascinating work with forgery and authorship. This JT Leroy thing is interesting to consider and theorize.

Susie Bright , Ayelet Waldman and Jack Boulware comment on the recent developments. It's an intricate web of deceit, impersonation and fragility they discuss much better than I could.