Interesting meme ( from erinjones_42 by way of karma_sue):
Make a list of the first sentence of the first entry you wrote for each month of 2005:

January: It's funny; it doesn't feel like New Year's Day, though I'm not sure how that would feel.
February: Ugh. I have a cold and strep throat.
March: Sometimes I wonder if any of the activities I spend time preparing ever really help students grasp the concepts or elements of writing I'm discussing.
April: I managed to get my presentation/paper done in time for the conference.
May: I spent most of the day with Michelle going through her dad's stuff.
June: I made PBJ for lunch and it was very yummy.
July: The new version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" has been rated PG based on its "quirky situtations, action and mild language."
August: I am feeling very tired from moving all weekend and a bit stressed at my schoolwork coming up that I have to do. (What's new?)
September: Well, nothing in my day as gone as planned.
October: So today I was at Starbucks, (I know, I know the evils of it all) and I was waiting to pay so of course I'm looking at the display racks for cd's and stuff when I notice Ethos Water.
November: I love freshmen writers.
December: I wake up this morning to snow, just enough snow to blanket the ground but fortunately it'd stopped by the time I had to go anywhere, though M told me she had to wait for the bus in the snow.