love/hate/humiliation: my relationship with technology

So, thinking I'm all slick I decide I'll use the 408 projector to watch movies in my Internship class. I met with Kalmbach who showed me how th projector worked, pretty simple and straightforward. That is until I actually have to use it. Then, of course, it says there is no screen signal. I retrace the steps 4 or 5 times before I start to feel silly, helpless and a bit too emotional to continue to mess with it. So instead we wrote today and caught up on blog postings.

Kalmbach says when technology goes awry don't assume it is you. And in this case, it was a problem with wiring. Someone who had used the projector before had the wires in backwards so it wasn't reading the signal. Once I took it all apart and started over, I figured it out and it worked so we'll watch the film on Monday and all will be well.
Kalmbach stopped me in the hallway and asked how it went and when I told him what happened he said that using technology can be humiliating and if you aren't prepared and comfortable with looking foolish you should think twice about using technology. Wise words.