to fill up my soul

Yesterday, I got a flat tire. Luckily I was still in the parking lot of Michelle's apartment complex when I noticed it. I was on my way to pick her up and bring her to Bloomington for bowling. Uhh, yeah, that didn't happen. Those of you who have ever seen the insanity that is my trunk understands the difficulty of getting to the spare tire, much less worrying about changing the tire. Also, yesterday it was insanely cold with like 20 mile an hour winds. I have AAA so I called them to send someone to help. I mean, I pay for the roadside assistance, why not use it? Besides I didn't want to stand out in the cold and attempt to change the tire. Are you kidding? Well, AAA had my name spelled wrong so it took a while to find my account information because of course, I didn't have the card with me. Of course. In the midst of talking to the AAA woman and M calling wondering where I am, my cell phone dies. And since my car charger for it is broken, I had to quickly run up to M's apartment, call her back tell her what was going on and then call AAA back. Finally got that sorted out and then I started on my trunk. (So now, my backseat is piled with all sorts of crap until I clean it out later today.) The guy changed the tire in like 2.5 and M I set out to Sears because it's now 6:30 and I didn't know what else would be open.

Well, the guy at Sears was kind of an ass to us. So we went to Tires Plus. I got 2 tires and my alignment done. Yay!

"So Devon, what did you get for your birthday?"

Oh, my life is comedic sometimes.

Things I'm grateful for today:

that something protects me from serious harm i.e. I'm glad I wasn't driving on the Interstate when the tire blew/went flat
that I renewed AAA last year
that my girlfriend puts up with me even when I'm crying about feeling out of control
we had the money to buy new tires and alignment (thanks loan money)
we paid all our bills except rent
a job I love, most days
the support of my family
my friends who call just to see how I am after they know I've had a rough day, thanks Oren
a therapist I can trust
Midori who sits beside me hating the machine that takes attention away from her

All in all, I'd say my life is good.