those kind of circumstances

Man, oh man today was a rough one. More for Michelle than me but the stress of it all is taxing. M is babysitting this weekend for her cousins, one of whom is mentally and physically challenged. He's 12. Her other cousins are 14 and 16. Her aunt and uncle are in Aruba and have been for a week; they come back late tomorrow night. The problem is that any time M asks him to do anything he begins to scream at her at the top of his lungs, "DON"T TOUCH ME. DON"T SAY THAT. YOU"RE HURTING ME" and she isn't even touching him. Needless to say that M has had an increasingly difficult day. The oldest girl cousin came down to help M whenever she heard him screaming but that didn't always stop him.

I had a lot to do today so I wasn't able to be there all day, which also made it hard for M.

Later, we had some interesting conversations regarding the future, love and commitment. I still don't know how I feel about marriage, gay marriage etc. but I do know that there's a romantic part of me that wants all that and wants all that with M.