snow day

School's out! The University cancelled classes today because of the weather. It is a welcome break since I took my first comp. exam on Wednesday. I wrote and wrote and wrote for 4 hours. I didn't leave the room at all. I barely snacked on the crackers I brought. The question seemed to really be 4 questions and I'm not sure I answered everything. But the more distance I have from the exam, the more okay I feel about what I wrote. I hope that in the 9 pages I wrote there's something redeemable, something that will allow me to pass.

The good thing is that I think the English Studies exam, the one I took, is the most layered and complex and it's now over. Two more to go: I take Pedagogy Wednesday and then get a week for Specialization.

Currently I'm reading and re reading some of the additional sources suggested. I did that for English Studies and it really paid off. So at least now I know what study process works for me. I like that I'm growing intellectually and emotionally from this process. It has been worth all of the struggles and the drama of the syntheses. Well, it will be if I pass, anyway. Not so much if I fail.