what's so funny about peace, love and understanding

I can blog from my phone although it is taking some doing. I just witnessed an argument between a guy who missed his plane and the ticket person. I'd been sitting at the gate at least 10 minutes, heard the final boarding call three times and watched all those who'd volunteered to give up their seat find out they would have a seat after all. So... the guy who missed his flight was late. And he's raising his voice and getting in this woman's face. I have missed flights before and been frustrated with the fact that something happened that wasn't my fault like weather or technical issues but I don't take it out on the ticket person. It isn't their fault either. In my opinion, these are the people you should be nice to. One, they can often help you out and Two, they can kick you off a flight for being unruly. Seriously people, think. This guy is really an ass. And he has a girl with him and I think, "how can you date someone like that?"