at least I can blog about it

One of the things I like about having a blog is the feeling that when things are all seriously going to hell I can always tell myself, "at least I can blog about it." The last couple of days' debacles (I'm not even sure that is dramatic enough of a word) was one of those times that even as it was unfolding I knew the only comfort that was going to come was from the fact that I could blog it. This is the story of the tree.

In November, my parents' water heater and plumbing went haywire. In order to get everything sorted, the city had to come out and dig up the front yard. They did so only to find out that there is too much concrete to rework the plumbing underneath the house. So they routed the pipes through the attic. The city is also been clearing the woods near my parents' house and the house across the street. During this process, rats somehow found their way into the attic and ate through everything possible including the new pipes and assorted boxes stored in the attic. When my parents returned from Thanksgiving at my brother's they noticed the ceiling in their bedroom caved in and water was everywhere. The exterminator came out, set traps, sprayed or whatever it is they do and the plumbers came back to fix the pipes.

All of this to say that practically every single box or tub that contained Christmas stuff was eaten through. So that when Dad was handing boxes from the unsturdy ladder in the attic three million wooden miniature ornaments for a miniature tree came flying out at us, rolling down the hall. Then the bottom steps which had dry rotted finally gave way as I was stepping up to get a box. They didn't completely snap but I heard them creaking and quickly stepped down. Then we realized we'd gotten the old Christmas tree down instead of the new one. No one knows why we saved one from 2 years ago that everyone agreed was in bad shape. So Dad had to get back up in the attic. This time the bottom step snapped completely. We got the new tree down only to discover the stand was missing a leg. At this point I was like, "Are you kidding me?"

This certainly wasn't helping the Christmas spirit. Over the next few days I tried to figure out a way to use the tree anyway but to no avail. Finally Dad brought home a real tree and we began decorating. I really like it and it smells so good. It definitely felt more like Christmas with a real tree with colored lights and all our ornaments. Mind you, this is like 4 days before Christmas.

It has been so warm here it's difficult to feel Christmas-y. And with my brother not here it has kind of felt like another trip home, which I guess isn't all bad.