a girl could get used to flying

Traveling home for Christmas this year has been the easiest trip home since M came with. Of course I did have to get up at 430 am to catch my 600 flight but I was able to have a row to myself on both flights. Both flights landed early and without any turbulance. Airtran now has XMradio available which means I didn't burn through my Ipod battery. Mom and Dad were waiting when I got in and my bags came through no problem.

We did some shopping in Pensacola. Mom still has a lot to do and I'm trying to help. I thought Mom's idea for Michelle this year was really, really cute and I hope she thinks so. I helped with picking out accessories and adding to the present. But mostly it was Mom's idea. I liked it so much, she ended up getting me something similar. I cannot wait to give it to her. Definitely better than an ugly scarf.

I plan to devote an entire post about the phones and the lightbulb and my father. It will be worth the wait.