bring your secrets in

I almost bought PostSecret:Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives today. Every Sunday, I look at PostSecret online and am typically moved or laugh, or feel empowered by the people who release their secrets. I hope it serves as a process of letting go. However, today as I flipped through the book I just felt sad. Really, really sad. And I thought, "I can't bring these secrets home. I just can't."

I did find this awesome book "Reading Digital Culture" which is a collection of essays and stories that I think will come in handy as I start working on building my Bibliography for my Comps and Dissertation. In addition I got two books on CSS design. I hope it helps.

Dinner with Marie and Oren, a pre birthday celebration for us. We went to Bangkok Thai in downtown. My god, the food was amazing. I love Thai food and have been looking for a good place to go and now I've found one. Although I hear there are two other good Thai restaurants as well. Maybe I'll try them all eventually.