there's something happening somewhere

The title from this post comes from my favorite Bruce Springsteen song, Dancin' in the Dark. Pete Yorn has a really cool cover of it that I can't stop listening to. I'm also listening to Bitter:Sweet's new album The Mating Game. The title song is amazing as is the song Dirty Laundry;very sexy. Currently, the song Bittersweet Faith is featured in the Bebe commercials featuring Mischa Barton. As soon as I saw the commercial, I knew I'd heard the song somewhere before or that the voice sounded familiar and then I realized it was Bitter:Sweet. A friend whose taste and expertise in music astounds me had turned me on to them this year. And now it seems, their songs are everywhere.

Other stuff on my playlist: The Wreckers, John Mayer, Collective Soul (new album) and Keane.

I've been working on updating my blog design. It's taking some getting used to, I think but I like the search feature and the way things are organized a bit better though I'm not sure the header and the background which I designed are right. I guess like any change, it takes time.

The last comp is due Wednesday. The next few days will be crazy in my apartment as I try to say as much as I can about narrative, genre and the digital. Something happening, indeed.