last minute

Trying to work on a presentation on "friending" I'm to present at the end of the week. Uhh... yeah, nothing like doing things at the last minute but when you're writing exam syntheses up to the wire things like conference presentations tend to take a backseat.

Anyway, I kind of want to frame my presentation with my argument for a technology centered pedagogy. Because the friending discussion is an example of how such a pedagogy could be enacted, but I'm partly afraid that I'll come off as pushing an agenda and partly afraid I won't have enough time to make clear connections. So I don't know.

Also I want to have visuals, handouts or some kind of screenshots that explain what I'm discussing but I don't know if I time for all that considering I have not one word of the presentation written.

Good news: 2 comp syntheses completed, approved, signed and turned in... (still waiting on approval for the last one)