thanksgiving break-ing points

I'd planned to write this post on Thanksgiving but I was tired and upset and struggling to make sense of things. The visit to Birmingham was not what I expected. I suppose have any expectations can be dangerous. He seemed excited about us coming; we'd talked about the stuff we could do and I explained that I knew he was working but he would have nights free where we could hang out. M made it clear she'd be fine as long as she could play her video games so she'd have no problem with us going off without her. I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend time together. Of course, the girlfriend, despite living an hour away seemed ever present. The second night we were there was actually cool. She's a graphic design major and we talked about projects she'd done for classes and what she liked about her business writing classes. I wanted some advice because I'm teaching business writing in the Spring and I wondered what projects worked for her as a student. My brother was not home during this conversation. As soon as he got home, it was a show.

I felt a bit ignored. I did not feel as though anyone appreciated that I'd driven 9 hours, or that M gave her Thanksgiving with her family to spend it with mine. Even my parents seemed more concerned with my brother's backyard than my existence. My grandmother, however, was hilarious and the shining point in the drama.

She cracked jokes and shared glances. Overall, she made me laugh. She asked about M's trip to South Africa and made a point to be interested in our lives. She's the main reason I'm going home from Christmas.

Overall, I was disappointed with my trip. Perhaps it's because I didn't go "home" to Mobile. I don't know. The whole thing left a bitter taste in my mouth. There's nothing I hate more than feeling disregarded.