effortlessly consumed

Consume is defined in various ways. The most common definitions are as follows:

engage fully, to devour, to serve oneself to, use up, destroy completely

In my effort to engage fully in my comprehensive exams the process has come dangerously close to destroying me, or at least any chance at a personal life, or meaningful relationship. If exams are the "big thing" in my life (which is how I've described them lately) it means that other things, other people are not. This may seem obvious. But it wasn't for me. Realizing how far I've pushed people away has been a revelation.

I've been listening to The Fray a lot lately. You can tell, I suppose, the kind of mood I've been in. Anyway, the song, Cable Car has a verse that goes,

And suddenly I become a part of your past, I 'm becoming the part that don't last; I'm losing you and its effortless.

The last line is heartbreaking and hits a bit too close to home lately.

I take exams in 16 days and I'm terrified. Not necessarily of how I'll do but of what I'll have left of my life when I finish.