conference recap

I thought Marie, Amy and Julie did a fantastic job presenting. Each of their presentations was engaging and they worked together well along threads of identity and identification. I was proud to wear an ISU badge that associated me with them. We chatted during lunch before one of the plenary sessions. I wish the woman had not read. Her introduction and extemporaneous speaking was much better than her reading which seemed to move in numerous directions.

I ran into a friend from Computers and Writing this summer. She came to the panel on which I was presenting as did Marie, Amy and Julie. And while I appreciated the solidarity and all, I was sorry they had to listen to the panel. As someone who has grouped panels before, I will say it is a very difficult job. Sometimes things work out well and sometimes they don't. This was a case where it did not work. I knew ahead of time my audience would probably not be very tech oriented or friendly so much of my project describes blogs and blogging use. Quite clearly, in my opinion. But the audience in attendance seemed to be there for the first presenter and either tuned out or left during other presentations. The panel consisted of four speakers, which is too many. And I think I got lost in the shuffle, which is disappointing. But you can't always be the belle of the ball so I'm glad Marie had a good experience. Besides, I'm using my project for other things, as well, like comps so it's not like it feels like a waste. If anything, I learned something about audience... like when they lose interest and you still have pages to read. Sigh.

Still, Louisville was cool. We went to Churchill Downs. (I'll have pictures soon.) It was awesome. My dad loves horses and horse racing as does my mom who grew up around them. So I thought of parents all day and how much they would like the tours. When I called last night, Dad said it'd be dangerous for him to go that he wouldn't want to leave. It's funny what you learn about your parents' dreams as you get older.

I enjoyed the trip but feel frustrated at the direction "the field" seems to be moving based on my experience there. Maybe this is why I lean to computers and writing and techno-rhetoric more than composition. I'm looking forward to the Greater Plains Computers and Writing in Minnesota when Marie and I go in cold, cold November. At least they'll get it.