the low down and long haul

I'm over myself. I am so tired of writing syntheses and thinking about comps. Most Brilliant Advisor says I'm exactly in the head space I should be in, but my god it's exhausting. I can't tell anymore if things are going well. I'm writing and revising. And reading. This weekend I have to finish my English Studies draft. Have to. No negotiations. That will give MBA a few days to look over the text and ask for revisions. The deadline is fast approaching and my girlfriend's patience is wearing thin. I feel so distracted and distant from everything lately.

This process has been draining. At some point, I hope I'll say it's been worthwhile. Maybe after I pass.

Today Marie and I facilitated a teaching philosophy workshop that went really well. I'm glad some of the new instructors found it helpful. I was afraid we wouldn't have anyone show up. But we had a good crowd. I had fun talking to everyone about their beliefs about teaching. It helped me consider my own. This kind of mentoring is what keeps me going. I wish I could experience it more.

Tomorrow we head to Missouri for a WPA conference where we'll talk about our position is like middle management. Good times.