who says it doesn't matter?

Today I got an email from a graduate student at the University of Washington asking about my Watson paper. She said she was unable to attend Watson but came across my abstract. Her diss. focuses on blogs and narrative identity construction. She stumbled across my presentation title and abstract and would like to converse with me about my work. I find myself flattered, today.

Also, I decided to change one of the novels I'm using for my English Studies Comps. I made this decision after realizing that in using new media and narrative theory in both of my other syntheses that I'm really using Cultural Studies theories. And in order to do what I wanted to do and use Cultural Studies in my English Studies synthesis, I needed to focus on a popular novel instead of capital L literature. So, I went on a search today for Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic. I'm actually excited about the new direction my English Studies synthesis is going. I am hoping Most Brilliant Advisor approves. I think she will so I'm carrying on like it's all good. 'Cus at this point, it kinda has to be.

Update: Most Brilliant Advisor says it sounds "fabulous". Whew!