2 down

I have two syntheses finished and emailed to my profs! I am actually feeling a bit more comfortable about how the specialization and pedagogy syntheses fit together. However, I am concerned about my English Studies synthesis because I proposed one idea to my mentor and now it seems that everything is going in a different direction. So I'm not exactly sure how to approach the literature I'm analyzing. I have some ideas swimming around and I think I can make it work but eek, I don't have much time. Still, I feel relatively accomplished. Though I'm doing things so close to deadlines, I'm not sure I can relax. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm not sure I can relax about anything. Ever.

Oh yeah and I'm not ready for this change in temperature, in season. Normally, I love October but I'm afraid it heard about my little love affair with August and has turned bitter. Oh, how conscience makes cowards of us all.