read a banned book

I lost my syllabus for Jan's class so I wasn't sure if our research logs were due today or not. Also, I did not know exactly what we were doing tonight so I get to the department, check my mail and realize the textbooks I ordered on Creative Non-Fiction were in. I might use them in my Internship if I ever get my shit together. Anyway, so I open the package, start flipping through them and see that everyone has books or articles of some sort. Then Jan asks Hennry what he's been working on and he talks about the articles he "found five minutes" ago. When it's my turn, I talk about the books I got in my box today. Sometimes, my life works out. Then Jan says we're going to the banned book reading. God, she rocks! The reading was awesome. I am so glad we were able to go.

I forgot to mention in my preview post about Elizabethtown which is Cameron's Crowe's newest film. The soundtrack is awesome, what I've heard so far anyway, but that's typical for Cameron Crowe. There's this kickass music preview thing on the link I gave where Crowe talks about the perfect marriage of music and film. I just dig someone who talks about music the way he does. I mean "Almost Famous" is one of my all time faves.

Aslo, I really hope Green Street Hooligans will come near here.

I also saw the trailer for Bee Season which looks amazing.

That is all.