I never learned enough to listen to my voice

It's freezing. It's 4 degrees if you can trust the weather channel website. There's a 30 % chance of snow tonight. Brrr. I miss Alabama on days like this. The last snow hasn't even melted here.

I recently got a CFP to a conference in Alaska that I think would be so cool to attend/present etc. But if my reaction to this morning's cold is any indication, maybe I wouldn't do so well in Alaska in February. It can't hurt to send an abstract and see what happens. Something else to distract me from my projects.

I am tired but I must push through. I have so much more work to do on my Research Methods project. It's moving along but there's so much to it. I needed my regular routine of checking mail and reading blogs before I plunged back into it.

I've got a cherry coke and my IPod. Wish me luck.