well, let's be honest

I am struggling hard core to write my Research Methods project. I'm unmotivated. My least favorite person right now is the sorority girl in Panera with the sparkly headband that matches her god awful ugly purse, talking much too loudly about how she refuses to give her boyfriend a blow job until he does something romantic for her. Poor child with all her illusions of romance. You know what's romantic to me? (and here I'm going to assume you care)

When someone touches your face while kissing you.
The way the person you love gently touches your hand to sort of say hello, I am here.
When somehow your someone knows you need a raspberry icee and starburst to survive the writing you have ahead of you.
Washing each other's hair. So sexy and romantic.
A home cooked meal, even if it's a little burned, maybe because it is... is romantic.
Romance is not candles and rose petals and bubble bath, though it can be.
Sometimes romance is a full tank of gas, oreo cookies and a gas station hot dog.

Romance is understanding the small things you can do to make someone else's day.