Happy December

Happy December, y'all

I wake up this morning to snow, just enough snow to blanket the ground but fortunately it'd stopped by the time I had to go anywhere, though M told me she had to wait for the bus in the snow. M hates the snow most of the time. I can understand that. It can be beautiful but it is a pain in the ass a lot of the time.

You know I realized today that there are no good or bad decisions. There are just choices that we make. And I think that gives power to those choices, to the power of choice. I choose to be monogomous with M because I want to create a life together. But it's not a natural thing to be monogomous. It is a choice. And for me to say to her, I choose to be exclusive with you, means a lot more than believing it's some sort of fated, innate natural thing. I don't think there is only one person meant to be a mate for each other. That takes a lot of power away from the choices we make, the way we fall in love.

There's a line in the new film "Walk the Line," where June Carter tells Johnny Cash he oughta take credit for doing something once in a while. And I think a lot of us should take that advice. We don't give ourselves enough credit or take on enough responsibility. Sometimes we blame ourselves for making the "wrong" decision when really we should embrace the choice, the ability to make that choice in the first place.