heroes and anti-heroes

We just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and ohmygod, it was amazing. Joe and I have talked about this before but what I really love about HP is that he's a reluctant hero. He sort of fumbles his way through things. He's not smooth and articulate. He doesn't get the girl. He is what he is. He doesn't necessarily want the glory or the fame or attention. He'd prefer I think, not to have it. At least not on a constant basis.

Anyway, the movie was dark and good and delicious in that way that I can escape from myself for hours. I want to see Narnia at some point. And Syriana looks really good, too.

I am no good at segues today but I have watched two episodes of the Showtime mini-series Sleeper Cell," which is amazing. Showtime is my new hero.