the payback

So, I have Gwen Stefani's song Luxurious stuck in my head. I'm walking around singin' "This kind of love is getting expensive." And well it's true enough of my lifestyle, except I'm not rollin' in Egyptian cotton and the like. I just got paid and between M and I, we spent 900 bucks on rent. Ridiculous, I tell you. When my lease is up here in August, I'm seriously thinking of just living with her in Champaign and commuting.

I really feel unmotivated on my research methods project. It was really interesting when I started it and now having to write it up well, it's about the least exciting thing righty now. Instead, I'm watching Midori stand at the kitchen window and call to the birds. It's the strangest sound I've ever head and I think it's so hilarious. I have no doubt she'd be a killer if I let her out in the yard. She has those, trust me, trust me, don't trust me eyes.