where are my muffins?

I used to get impatient with my blogging friends who went on trips, etc. and it would be days between posts. I can see why it sometimes takes a while to write things out. I have so much to say about coming home that it all ends up sounding insane. Though, I am home in the South, so it's going to be insane and with my family, well... as Will recently adopted the phrase, "you'll have that." I'm stealing it!

The hilarity of the trip, cus you know there's gonna be some, comes mostly from my father who manages to get almost stuck in Prattville after he and Matt went to the Auburn/Alabama game. He calls and says the Blazer won't start. He talks to Mom who freaks out and begins immediately planning to go get him. I ask where Matt is and Dad says, "He's already in Tuscaloosa," which turned out to be a bit of an exaggeration, considering Matt was 10 minutes away when I called. I called Matt because M said, "How did your brother get it started again?" He'd had problems with it starting before. So after I call Matt, he goes back and helps Dad out. They get it started and Dad makes it home at 1 a.m. while we were still watching the first Harry Potter movie trying to get Mom caught up so we can go see HP4.

We've made a million trips to Wal Mart; Mother somehow lost her muffins. They didn't get in the cart or something; I dunno. She wondered around the kitchen asking about muffins. "Where are my muffins?" I so badly wanted to say, "Do you know the muffin man?" But I figured then wasn't the time for joking. Muffin fiends are vicious.

Yesterday we went to church. I was nervous at how M would feel about Church. She must love me a lot to put up with all this I don't know "ceremony." We had lunch at Gran's. Ruth and Ed (gran's sister and brother in law) came over,which was nice because they just moved from California and we never saw them much out there.

Today is hanging with Mom, doing some shopping, looking for turtles. Don't ask.