sweet home alabama

M and I made it here in about 12 hours despite our stop at Tica Taco somewhere in Kentucky and the horrible traffic through Nashville, Birmingham and Montgomery. We missed the Chick Fil A exit and so we were surly for the next 2 hours because we were starving and nothing we wanted to eat was at any of the exits. Bah!

I am writing this on my parents' new high speed connection. Oh yes, dial up is a think of the past in this household. I cannot even contain my happiness. It's nice to be home.

It's nice to be home. Sigh. Relax.

M and Mother are in the front room so I better go hear what they are saying about me, but I promise more fun details from whatever follows on our trip.

I know you're all jealous because we're going to Cock of the Walk tonight for dinner. Yummmy fried pickles.