a difference a year makes

I've always loved Halloween. October is my favorite month not only because the leaves change gorgeous colors but also because the air is crisp with possibilities, fun and chaos. I love horror movies, urban legends, scary stories and ghost stories. I always have. And not just at Halloween, though that's when the atmosphere for being scared is more heightened. I have outfitted myself with costumes like Wonder Woman, Smurfette, Bride of Frankenstein, a bunny rabbit, an angel, a witch etc. Last year I was really into Halloween. I mean, M and I had two costumes each one for pre Halloween and one for Halloween night. It was awesome. We had a great time with friends who have since moved. Maybe that's way I haven't been as geared up about this Halloween as last year. Or maybe cus it's on a Monday night and I have class. Or maybe because of all the weird drama swirling around outside of us. Either way, I don't have a costume. I'm not giving out candy and I'm not going out.

We did, however, have an Un-Halloween party for the International Librarians. It was great fun. I hope to have pictures posted soon.

Last night, I watched some very interesting programs on Halloween as a "holiday", its historical roots, etc. It was quite interesting how Halloween morphed from Celtic rituals to a children's ritual and is now swinging back a bit to adult carnivalesque type rituals. See, even Halloween is academic, in my mind.