slowly drowning

Yesterday before class I was in a hurry. I grabbed a cup from the shelf, quickly poured Brita water in it and headed to class. I drank half of the cup before I realized it kind of tasted funny and there was something floating in the cup. Yep, you guessed it. Mold. I drank almost a cup of modly water. This is my life.

I feel like there is no time for me. Between the stuff I should be doing, preparing for what I have to do next and catching up what I haven't done, I get lost. Sometimes I just need a pause button. I just need to catch my breath. Give me a second. Just one second. Without the noise in my head telling me it's all going to fall apart. Oh, if it only could. But it won't. It falls apart in my emotions, my heart, but never in the place reserved for thoughts. Of which none have been great lately.

There is no room for me in my own life.