13 Holiday 2018 Gift Ideas for Under $50, Mostly

Yes, some of these items are on my wish list, but some I already have. Most of these items are under $50. There are no affiliate links here and I have received no compensation for these suggestions.

  1. Alice in Wonderland Zipper Pouch $11.99 featuring John Tenniel illustrations. Measures 6x9. Look, I’m always in need of a zipper pouch for pens or makeup or charging cords and headphones. I’m a fan of a bag inside of my messenger bag or purse. It’s helpful to try to organize all the various things we have to carry around with us.

  2. One Line a Day Journal $11.00 This is a cool way to record the daily goings on each year. Daily entries include 5 spaces so for the next five years you can return to a given day and see what was happening at the time.

  3. Yeti Rambler, 20 oz. $29.99 I have this yeti in Navy and I love it. It is my most commonly used cup despite my many options for daily use. While most stainless steel cups work similarly, the quality of the Yeti is impressive. You can order monogramming (maybe not in time for Christmas) and designs directly from the Yeti site. It’s a great gift personalized or not. I like the 20 oz size but if you have someone who loves a smaller cup of coffee, liquor or wine, one of the smaller sizes would be perfect.

  4. Burberry Brit For Her $68.00 Perfume can be an excellent gift because we don’t often buy it for ourselves. I am a fan of Burberry scents. I wore them exclusively for years. This one is light and lovely and typically, not overpriced.

  5. Jesse’s Indigo Enamel Coated Mango Wood Salad Set $49.00 This is just a beautifully designed and made set. I love kitchen ware and gadgets and though this might not be something I would use everyday, I do eat a lot of salads. When guests are over, I enjoy a presentation a bit nicer than my plastic tupperware. Something about this set feels very adult in a way I can get on board with.

  6. Food Fortune Cards $11.99 Based on traditional tarot, this impressively illustrated set features different foods on each card. Readers can design a meal divined from the cards. The art is beautiful and would be an excellent addition to someone’s cooking or tarot collection.

  7. 20 Historical Paper Clips $15.00 Super quirky gift idea, these 20 paperclips were designed from historical patent records. There are 10 designs, 2 of each paperclip made of brass and silver. The designs and years are shown on the cover of an envelope which holds a clear bag of the paperclips.

  8. Gray Washed Cotton Smock $19.99 If there is a baker or cook in your life, they will appreciate this apron/smock. It’s one size fits all/most and has 2 pockets.

  9. Studio Oh! Justina Blakeney Find the Magic Metal Catch All Tray $10.00 This small catch-all tray (about the size of a coaster) is a lovely reminder and a practical tray for jewelry, keys, change, small objects from your pocket. There are larger sizes available in different sayings, as well that cost a bit more but it would be fun to mix and match the styles and sizes for a group of friends or co-workers.

  10. Lokai Sherpa Bracelet $38 I have been a fan of Lokai bracelets since a student told me about them in 2014. There are many styles and materials of bracelet. Each one features a white and black bead. The white bead is infused with water from Mt. Everest to remind you to stay humble when you’re “on top.” The black bead carries mud from the Dead Sea to remind you to stay hopeful when you’re at your “lowest point.” Many of their bracelets are tied to charity organizations. In fact most of the ones I own supported a charity including The Alzheimer’s Foundation and Make-a-Wish. This one is a new line where the beads are made from metal repurposed from oxygen tanks collected on Mt. Everest.

  11. Vahdam Chai Tea Set #29.99 This set includes Ginger Chai, Oolong Chai and Cinnamon Chai and was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List. I think tea sets are a great gift even if you aren’t sure someone is into tea. Tea is a thoughtful gift because sets like these aren’t ones I would buy for myself. I’ve often found tea I really like, flavors I would not have tried otherwise, in tea gifts.

  12. Bluegrass Bourbon Soy Sauce 100 ml $7.99 I love giving sauces, dry rubs, spices as gifts. There’s something fun and adventurous about the possibilities such a gift offers to the recipient. This is perfect for your hipster friends as it is a microbrewed soy sauce aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels. It’s been featured on a lot of travel and food shows because it’s handcrafted in small batches in Kentucky.

  13. Kate Spade Take Note XL Journal/Notebook $28.00 With a built-in bookmark, this journal is a perfect notebook for meetings or personal journaling. I love Kate Spade notebooks. My sister-in-law gave me one for my birthday one year and I use it for everything from addresses for Christmas cards to reminders and recipes. I’m going to need a new one soon. Hint, hint. ;)